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Automatted Submission of URLs to's Search Engine supports the automatic submission of URLs to its Internet search engine through the standard HTTP protocol's POST method. This process was developed so that search engine submission companies can easily add to their Search Engine Submission programs.

The following procedure outlines the process to automatically submit URLs to

Process for Auto-Submission of URLs to

  1. Source ID Request Form - Get a Source ID from This will allow to indentify the source of submissions so that recognition can be given and also to obtain contact information for troubleshooting any problems.
  2. Populate an HTML form or object with the Data Fields. Please note that most fields are optional. If a field is optional, it can be left blank or not be included in the input data. Also, some of the values are integers that will require lookup tables. All lookup tables are provided in Comma Delimited Lists. If you require data in any other format, please send an email to with the requested data and format.
  3. Send the form or object including the data to: - This page excepts data using the HTTP POST method.
  4. URL submission is complete.

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